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Welcome to Annville Natural Market!

In the early 1970's, I became concerned about the food I was eating--not only for my health, but also because of the way it was grown and the harm it was causing to the environment.  I no longer wanted to eat food that was sprayed with herbicides and pesticides.  I started to shop for only organic produce and food that wasn't so heavily processed.  Additionally, I made a choice not to use products that were tested on animals or that were harmful to me or the environment.  I started using only cruelty-free cosmetics and household products that were safe for my home and the world.

It wasn't easy back then to find places that sold these types of products and food, and for many years I traveled long distances to do my shopping.  I knew there was a need in this area for a store that carried these kinds of products and foods, and in September 1993, Annville Natural Market was born. 

Today, we provide our customers with natural organic foods and produce, the finest vitamins and supplements and herbs, environmentally-friendly household products and personal care items.

~Linda Williams Baird

Monday - Friday 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


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Fresh, organic produce arrives weekly, including dairy products and meats.

Thursday is Senior Citizens Day - 10% off anything in the store that is not on sale