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We have the largest selection of organic foods locally at the lowest  prices. 


Grocery Items

  • Cereals

  • Glutren-free Foods

  • Pastas & Pasta Sauces

  • Snacks

  • Rices

  • Baking Needs

  • Juices

  • Organic produce

  • Soy and rice milks


Frozen Foods

  • Breads

  • Meals

  • Vegan "meats"

  • Soy and rice ice creams




~We carry organic Cafe Altura coffee in several roasts~


Annville Natural Market has a wonderful selection of gluten-free products on the shelves at all times.  We also have a very knowledgeable and friendly staff whom are always willing to help out gluten-free customers.  There are a few things that we like to tell our new customers:  1)  We are happy to take special requests and will try our very best to fulfill them; and 2) Any item purchased by the case will be discounted.

Our Gluten-Free Products List:

Frozen Foods

Van's Toaster Waffles:  Blueberry, Flax and Original

Food For Life:  White Rice Bread, Rice Pecan Bread and Rice Pecan Raisin Bread.

Gillian's Pizza Dough, French Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls

Glutino's Flaxseed Bread, Bagels, English Muffins, Pizza Dough


Bob's Brownie Mix, Bread Mix, Almond Meal, Xanthum Gum, Biscuit Mix, Garbonzo Flour

Arrowhead Mills: Brown Rice Flour, White Rice Flour, All-Purpose Baking Mix, Pancake Mix, Vanilla Cake Mix

Pamela's Chocolate Brownie Mix, Pancake Mix

Gluten-Free Pantry: Angel Food Cake, Chocolate Brownie, Cake and Cookie, French Bread/Pizza, Muffin and Scone, Pancake and Soda Bread, Favorite Sandwich Bread, Spice Cake.


Glutino: Family Size bag of Pretzels

Lundberg: Rice Chips, Organic Rice Cakes
Blue Diamond: Rice Crackers
Pamela's Cookie: Chocolate Chip, Lemon Shortbread, Peanut Butter
Midel: Sandwich Cookies, Gingersnaps, Arrowroot Cookies
Sesmark: Rice Thin Crackers
Holgrain: Brown Rice Crackers-Salt or onion flavor.
Ener-G: Saltine Crackers, Granola Bars
Enviro: Bars--Berry and Peanut Butter
Realfoods: Corncakes
Newman's Figbars
Glutano: Wafers, Apricot Biscuits, Cream Custard Biscuits, Chocolate Hazelnut Bar, Double Chocolate Sandwich Cookie
Glutino: Pizza Breadsticks, Breakfast Bars--Apple, Blueberry and Chocolate, Cream Sandwich Cookies


Envirokids: Cheetah, Granola, Koala, Orangutan, Panda, Gorilla Munch
Arrowhead Mills:  Rice and Shine, Puffed Rice, Sweetended Rice Flakes
Bob's: Wheatless and Grain, Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal
Erewhon: Crispy Brown Rice
Pocono: Cream of Buckwheat
Ancient Harvest: Quinoa Flakes


Glutano: Animal Shapes, Tagliatelle
Ancient Harvest: Spaghetti, Elbows, Rotini, Garden Pagodas
Tinkyada: Spaghetti, Elbows, Penne, Lasagne, Large Shells


Dairy and Cheese

Big Sky Bread  (including their famous granola) is delivered every other Tuesday

~The varieties include~

  • Organic Multi-Grain

  • Organic Whole Wheat

  • Organic 3-seed

  • Organic Sunflower

  • Organic Cinnamon, Walnut and Raisin

  • Organic Spelt

also, Sour Kraut/Sourdough Rye and Oat Bread



Vitamins and Supplements and Personal Care products, including cosmetics.

Personal Care and Cosmetics

Yes, we have the best from Burt's Bees and Dr. Bronner's

as well as animal-free cosmetics.


Cleaning and household products

Seventh Generation cleaning products and Ecover household products.

Pet Food
(available by request)

Feathered Friends
Fromm's Pet Products
Green Foods Corp.
Health Valley
Lick Your Chops
Natural Life Pet Products
Newman's Own Organics
One Earth
Pet Promise
Solid Gold